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Hotel Blocks


VOLT has blocks set for all STAY & PLAY Tournaments.  Below is also a list of recommended hotels for all travel tournaments allowing for teams and parents to select their preferred hotels & locations.  Please reach out to or reach out to Mackenzie @ 701-412-1607 with any questions!

Travel teams also have a Team Parent Representative aligned to assist with communication regarding travel or designated team hotels.


There are a few tournaments throughout the VOLT season with a STAY & PLAY REQUIREMENT.  Our ACCEPTANCE into the tournament is DEPENDENT on our hotel room count.  If we do not meet our "night requirement" we will lose our opportunity to play in the tournament.  Below you will find STAY & PLAY hotel information which are MANDATORY hotel blocks for these tournaments.




  • Colorado Challenge, Boulder, CO (January 13-15)
  • January Thaw, Northern Lights Qualifier (January 26-28) 
  • Ace of Clubs, Minneapolis, MN (February 10-11)
  • Asics President's Day Challenge, Omaha, NE (February 17-19)


  • Northern Lights Qualifier, Minneapolis Metro area (March 22-24)
  • Asics ShowMe Qualifier, Kansas City, KS (April 12-14)
  • Sioux City Slam, Sioux City, IA (April 22-21)
  • Nike Finale, Minneapolis Convention Center (April 27-28)


AAU Nationals - Orlando, FL

Congratulations on your invitation to play in Orlando for the AAU Girls National Championships!  Please see the email below which includes a link to book a hotel room near the convention center.

This is NOT a Stay & Play tournament.  The team is encouraged, but not required to stay together.  Due to high demand, the hotel block below may not cover all days of your time in Orlando so make sure to pay attention to the dates you are booking as you may need to book rooms elsewhere for part of your trip.  At this time, the check-out day would be the last day of competition.  We are working to try to get another night added to the block.


We ask that all players arrive 2 days prior to competition. A practice will be held the day prior to competition. This allows 1 day buffer in the event that delays or cancellations DO NOT impact competition days.

Please see your team's block for easy booking, reservations, and cancellation policies included.

2023 Season UPDATE:  VOLT Parent Reps will obtain hotel blocks for Regional and Open teams.  Stay and Play tournaments where registration is dependent on teams staying at designated hotels will be arranged by the VOLT Board, while non Stay & Play tournaments will be arranged by the Team Reps.