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Open Program


WINTER SEASON $800.00 4 December - February
SPRING SEASON $2000.00 8 March - June

VOLT Open Teams (11u - 18u)

Our VOLT Open program is designed for the highest caliber of athlete, providing regional and national competition, and skill-based individual and team-based practices.  VOLT is focused on making at least one open team per age division, pending caliber of the team to be successful. VOLT Open teams require a strong commitment to practices and tournaments. VOLT will adhere to our attendance policy. Team success is dependent on players' commitment. If players cannot commit to the team's schedule, players will be removed and assigned to a VOLT Regional or Local team, and the roster will be filled.

  • Open teams will compete in a combination of 2-day  and 3-day tournaments,  4-day National Tournament, and available single day area tournaments where teams will be placed in upper-age divisions

  • Rosters will be planned for 9-10 players

  • Primary practice facility: Rustad Recreation Center, West Fargo

  • Our Open team will be designed by age criteria to create the strongest team in each age division.  It is not likely we will pull players to play up into a different age division.

  • Winter season practices will start the early December. Four tournaments are planned throughout the winter season.

  • Spring season practices will start late February (or after Winter season), tournaments will be spread across March, April, and May.  Teams will begin training for National competition following the spring season.  AAU Nationals are held in Orlando, FL throughout the month of June. 

  • Athletes will have assigned positional practices designed for athletes to be working with skill-specific coaches (setters, defensive specialists, middle blocks, pin hitters, etc.) throughout the season. 

  • Fundraising is required. VOLT does not require athletes or parents to fulfill DIB hours. Additional fundraising may be available for athletes competing and traveling to AAU Nationals competition

  • VOLT will consider an 11U Open or Regional team pending caliber of athletes and participants

  • Players are required to pay their own travel expenses, in addition to the season fees


Athletes can participate in just the Winter season however teams will be limited due to the LIMITED number of available tournaments and travel required.  Reminder, the Winter season does NOT have program levels such as Local, Regional, or Open as majority of the tournaments played will be out-of-town.  And, yes, athletes can participate in just the Spring season!